Engagement session - what should you wear?

Being engaged is a wonderful milestone that will forever change your life. As such, it deserves to be marked with a beautiful photo session. Plus, you can use these photos for many other purposes other than visual keepsakes - for your wedding website or announcing your news via save the dates! This, however, can add to the pressure of what to wear for the shoot. No idea on how to approach the subject? We’ve got you covered!

  • Your personal style matters

  • The main starting point of choosing engagement attire is your own style. It is vital to wear something that feels like you. If you are not a fan of dresses, why wear one now? The whole point is being comfortable because if you choose clothes that don’t reflect your style, your discomfort will be shown in the photos.

  • Matching isn’t aesthetically pleasing

  • We understand that when newly engaged, you wish to match many things in your household like mugs, PJs, etc. But in essence, matching doesn’t look good in photos. Instead, strive to complement each other with colors.

  • Decide on a color scheme

  • First, avoid any neon tones. You will want this session to portray your love story and be engaged, thus you two have to be the focus. Plus they don’t work well with bright or indoor light. Secondly, we recommend sticking to neutral tones or cool hues. They are amazing both for indoor and outdoor sessions. A great guide can also be the season. Deep jewel tones look incredible in Fall and Winter, pastels for Spring, while cool and bright colors are perfect for the summer and beach sessions.


  • Opt for a timeless engagement attire

  • Trends come and go but outfits that are timeless will be equally beautiful in the years to come. Subtle floral prints are ever so gorgeous for spring and summer sessions, for example on a maxi dress, and your partner will look great in khaki pants and shirt. Pair a classic coat and pants - they will do wonders for the fall and winter aesthetics. Throw in a stylish scarf when it is colder or a hat during summer and you have more versatility. If you are going to the studio or hotel, more formal attire would look amazing. Not a fan of dresses? Jumpsuits look both elegant and comfy. 

  • Two engagement outfits are enough

  • Unless you are going to the studio for your session, two versions are the best choice for more versatility. Additionally, include an accessory that will elevate the whole look and bring freshness to the shoot.

    As an additional tip, we suggest consulting with your photographer for guidance depending on the location, light, and season. But, we hope this blog answered your question! For more tips and inspiration, browse through our other articles. If you have someone dear to you that just got engaged, then consider pampering them by either purchasing a subscription box or congratulating them with a one-time gift box.